The delivery time for an order from is from 1 to 5 working days (after the day of receipt of the order request).
Dear Customers,
The orders are processed by the way of their receiving and regardless their value or number of articles ordered.
Delivery time depends on the availability of materials for the products and the current load of incoming orders. In case of impossibility to process the order within the above-mentioned period, our associate will contact you to clarify the details (therefore it is important to fill in your contact details correctly).
Deliveries are made with courier company Speedy- to the address specified by you or to the office of the courier company.
For all orders over BGN 50 https// provides free delivery to an office of the courier company Speedy chosen by the customer.
For all other orders, ie worth less than BGN 50, the price of the courier service is at the expense of the User / Buyer and depends on:
  • Whether the delivery will be made to the address or office of the courier company;
  • The weight and volume of the shipment.
The amount due by you for courier service will be displayed during the finalization of your order.
Please note that this amount may be subject to slight adjustments, depending on small discrepancies in the total weight of the shipment (eg additional packaging included, etc.)